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Content of Self-expression Classes

Take a step towards better learning results and increased happiness in the classroom by discovering more about our self-expression classes!

The recommended set of classes is 5 x 2 hours. Content will be tailored, based on teacher and student needs. The process is conducted in close contact with the teacher/group leader, and students are encouraged to play an active role during classes.

Examples of Class Structures

Session 1, 2 hours

  • Introduction to self-expression
  • Group activities and grouping
  • Students’ well-being: 3X10D self-evaluation survey
  • Exercises: icebreakers, warm ups, e.g. grouping and getting started

Session 2, 2 hours

  • Trust building
  • Empowerment
  • Reflection
  • Exercises: trust exercises, experience sharing and discussion

Session 3, 2 hours

  • Roles in the group
  • Practising social skills
  • Encountering other students
  • Exercises: role play, action-based methods

Session 4, 2 hours

  • Dealing with emotions
  • Soft skills
  • Embodiment and awareness
  • Exercises: mindfulness, contact improvisation, conscious walking

Session 5, 2 hours

  • Opportunity to express yourself
  • Importance of listening (“audience skills”)
  • 3X10D self-evaluation survey
  • Closure and reflection.
  • Exercises: our hero, learning from each other, “talent show”

Students’ Wellbeing

Self-expression classes include a 3X10D self-evaluation survey, which aims to map students’ overall life situations.

How does life outside school affect the student’s performance at school, and how are young people doing in general? This is useful information for the teacher and group leaders. The questionnaire will be completed during the first and last sessions.

Individual respondents cannot be identified from the questionnaire. The results will be examined at group level with the help of the project personnel.


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