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Session 1. Grouping

In this session, we start becoming more aware of our self-expression skills and will learn how expressing ourselves without fear and tension, helps us to connect to other people.

“Great progression from no interaction to good involvement, being creative, singing and dancing. Group looked forward to the next session.” (Ireland)

Explaining the aim of the classes

Expression is our voice, whether it is used verbally, bodily or in some other form of expression. We all express ourselves constantly. The way we express ourselves is our way of telling other people about ourselves. Expressing yourself gets easier in a group where we feel safe. Thus, the first step in the grouping process is to get to know each other, so that every member feels comfortable and safe in the group.

Introduction of action based methods

The idea is to give an example and a taste of different kinds of exercises: e.g. icebreakers, warm-ups, bodily improvisations (such as “the Statue” exercise), in which participants learn to express themselves through their bodies, and some verbal exercises and (e.g. story-telling exercises) and some concentration exercises.

Structure of the session

1. Explaining the aim of the session (+all classes 1–5) to the participants

2. icebreakers, warm-ups

3. grouping exercises, e.g. getting to know-you games, bodily improvisations, verbal exercises

4. reflection, e.g. using picture cards, talking in small groups or pairs, writing a diary, thumbs up