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Session 5. The Power of self-expression

In this session, we will share a talent or a skill by presenting it to the class or by teaching it to others. This is done in a respectful atmosphere.

During the show and tell section—the students brought forward many talents.” (Ireland)

Respectful atmosphere

It is important to learn how to be the best member of an audience not only because this is respectful of others, but also because the students can learn a lot from experiencing different approaches to expressing oneself. Each participant has to have a choice as to how much they want to perform without being forced to do anything.

Structure of the session

1. Explaining the aim of the session to the participants

2. Warm-ups

3. Self-expression exercises; talent show, sharing a talent

4. Reflection (all 1–5 sessions), e.g. using picture cards, talking in small groups and pairs, writing a diary, thumbs up