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Tips for trainers

Take a look at some useful tips from our trainers to maximize the benefits of your training sessions!


You can encourage the students to reflect by telling why self-reflection is important and help them to do it. Self-reflection can be difficult at first if students are not used to it, but it becomes easier with practice.

You can ask these questions: How did this make you feel – tired, energized, happy, disappointed? Have you achieved something? Have you noticed something different in the group, has something changed?


Better to try new exercises, action-based methods or games together with your colleagues before introducing those to the class.


Use different types of exercises, this will help you to get to know the students a bit better, you only have 5 times to meet

Clear objectives and goals!

Be clear in your instructions and make the objectives and goals clear.


Point out the positives, “I noticed everyone is working collaboratively. Wow! Everyone is being respectful.”

Provide specific feedback about what is being performed – instead of saying, “great job girls”, comment, “You are working together very nicely”. This helps the students to reflect.


Not everything will go as planned. Reflect and be open minded, some modifications may also be needed to the plans

Some students may not want to participate in the action. Ask each of them to explain what exactly they don’t like or understand. Help them to talk about this, be supportive and understanding and ask them to sit out for a while and watch and join the others when they feel better. It is very important for a student to feel the support of the facilitator and not to feel like there is something wrong with them but also, not in the exercises either.