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Promoting Social Inclusion in Schools

Are you interested in combining social inclusion, youth work and self-expression in your work? Do you need tools and methods for teaming new students up with each other? Do you work with young people with special needs? Our self-expression classes may offer a solution in a new, fresh and easy-going way.

Self-expression classes, provided free of charge by the project Express Yourself aim to motivate the students in their studies to prevent them dropping out and to improve the working and learning environment and the atmosphere in the classroom. The aim is also to support cooperation between the teacher and the students.

Self-expression classes are suitable for new student groups, groups with special needs or any group of young people.

“Thanks for the good cooperation! Young people’s inclusion and self-expression classes have strengthened the group’s co-operation and positively influenced students.”

“The activities gave positive energy in the middle of the school day.”

– Feedback from teachers

Self-expression Classes


Self-expression classes are guided by professionals in the fields of education and youth work working in the Express Yourself Project. The students will be encouraged to take part in the process and to take responsibility for grouping activities, each other and themselves. The process is carried out in close contact with the teacher/group leader.


Classes can be incorporated into existing structures and schoolwork or they can be organised outside formal class time. The average set of classes is 5 x 2 hours once a week, but classes can be modified based on the needs of teachers and students.

Content of Self-expression Classes


If you’re interested in finding out more or booking a visit free of charge, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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