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Express Yourself! Find Your Inner Courage!

Finding it hard to keep the motivation up at school? How could learning be more fun? Could your class work better as a group? Express Yourself classes come to the rescue!

Self-expression classes are held during the school day or in an informal setting, and they offer the chance to hang out, learn something new and get to know other students better. The classes will be guided by your teacher or a group leader, and professionals from the Express Yourself team. You are always part of the activities and will benefit a lot.

The activities include:

  • Getting to know other students
  • Self-expression exercises
  • Games
  • Grouping
  • Improvisation
  • Wellbeing: how are you doing?

I think this is great for everyone, because it does so much good to throw yourself out there. The activities bring playfulness to everybody’s lives.”
– Feedback from a participant

3X10D self-evaluation survey

Self-expression classes include a 3X10D self-evaluation survey. The purpose of the questionnaire is to find out how you are feeling. It is impossible to identify a single respondent from the questionnaire, and the results are examined at a group level.

I tried the 3X10 questionnaire and I was positively surprised by how good it was. I thought it would be just another boring questionnaire, but it made me feel that someone actually cared about how I was doing, even though it was just a survey.”
– Feedback about the questionnaire.


If your school isn’t taking part in the programme yet, print the leaflet and let your teacher know about this possibility.