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Session 3. Roles and interaction

In this session, we will use action-based methods such as role playing to support teamwork skills. The idea is to support encounters between students so that the students can participate as they want and would thus be able to lose (possibly) rigid roles of the school group.

At the end of the session the student’s spoke about how this exercise [move with the music] made them feel.” (Spain)


We all have roles in our lives. Some of the roles are given to us, and some we create by ourselves. The better we know ourselves the better we understand which roles are good for us and which are harmful.

Structure of the session

1. Explaining the aim of this session to the participants

2. Warm-ups

3. Role-play, interaction and energizer exercises, e.g. bodily improvisations, role play, verbal exercises. The students are encouraged to present ideas and teach each other games or tasks when role-playing continues (e.g. practicing job interviews)

4. Reflection, e.g. using picture cards, talking in small groups and pairs, writing a diary, thumbs up