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Session 4. Emotional skills

In this session, we will do some exercises to develop and support teamwork skills, help the encounters between students, and learn about soft skills. This happens much through dialogue; by sharing personal experiences and giving other people an opportunity to share theirs.

“The students are eager to solve creative team tasks and enjoy the playful atmosphere of competition.” (Germany)

“7th graders were fascinated by non-verbal team games, as it seems to be an challenge to them they have never faced before. They mastered it well.” (Germany)

Soft skills

First we do the exercises and then ask the students to describe how the exercise they have just done made them feel. The facilitators can also share their observations about what they saw when the participants did the exercise. This enables the participants to reflect on their experience relative to the instructor’s observations. This must be done in a warm and approving atmosphere. This way the students will get the experience of being seen and being accepted from their own starting points. The important thing is that the experience is shared and discussed in one way or another.

Structure of the session

1. Explaining aim of the session to the participants

2. Icebreakers, warm-ups

3. Exercises, e.g. team games, teamwork exercises, improvisations

4. Reflection, e.g. using picture cards, talking in small groups and pairs, writing a diary, thumbs up